CAASPP Testing at Bernal

Emma Marcellana, Reporter, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Monday, April 19th, all of Bernal’s students began the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).  The purpose of these series of tests is to measure what a student knows and is able to do.  The tests have a variety of different questions in various formats (essay, multiple choice, etc.).  The results allow students to get the support they need by identifying any lack in skill or knowledge.  

As of now, all Bernal students have started their ELA CAT test.  The recent testing has resulted in changes in our regular schedule.  Bernal will be on block schedule for six days within the next five weeks.  This means that we will only three periods on those specific days. In addition, we will be spending the corresponding class periods completing these tests, and will not spend time working on our regular classwork.  

Although testing may seem tedious, and at times even pointless, there are many benefits to taking the CAASPP tests.  In addition to closing achievement gaps, standardized testing also allows the skill levels of students to be objectively compared to students from other areas, which lets schools determine what they need to improve upon.  Testing is also linked to standards that may ensure the mastery of grade level skills. It can even serve as motivation for students.