Washington DC Trip: Students’ Perspectives

Juliana Luu, Reporter

The Washington DC trip allows you to learn and have fun at the same time!  Instead of sitting in class reading your textbook you get to go out there and witness history.  The 8th graders get to go to fun places such as Washington DC and New York.

“It was a lot of fun and the sites we saw were very nice and made great pictures but we got back to the hotel too late, we had to wake up early, and there’s a lot of walking.” -Angelina Mai, 8th grader


The Washington DC trip was very tiring for most students, mainly because of walking too much and waking up early.  However, most students had lots of fun as well during the DC trip.

“Great Wolf Lodge and Times Square was my favorite part.” -Vanessa Lu, 8th grader

“It was fun I saw a lot of cool stuff.” -Isis Franzen, 8th grader


Here is some advice to those who are planning to go to the DC trip next year!

“Stay out of trouble and have fun!  Also eat your green beans”- Cedric Pinto, 8th grader

“Bring your sneakers ready to walk a lot, most importantly bring food like cup o noodles since they have hot water and a microwave at the hotel” -Ana Santos, 8th grader

Overall the trip was exhausting but long lasting and enjoyable!