What Does It Take to Get into Leadership?

Sofia Gomez, Reporter

Leadership is one of the most anticipated electives for students. With its many areas in trying to make the school better place, activities include planning rallies, helping with lunch games, coming up with spirit days, and much more.

Mr. Beaulieu, former head of Leadership says, “From my time at Bernal, usually over 120 7th graders apply to Leadership every year.” This time, for the first time in years, Mr. Beaulieu will not be the leadership teacher for the 2019-2020 school year, and instead, Mr. Medina and Mrs. Johnson will take Mr. Beaulieu’s place, which saddened many people around Bernal.


So what does it take to get into Leadership in the first place?

7th graders have a series of requirements that gives them a better chance of being selected, since everyone in the class is handpicked.

Leadership differs from many of the other electives since it is all 8th grade, and students have a chance to apply instead of randomly being placed in Art, Design and Modeling, Chess, or Spanish.

7th graders have the opportunity to apply a few months before school ends, and this year, applications were given out in late April, just before Spring Break. These requirements include a series of questions about why they want to be in Leadership, what “leader” qualities they will bring to the class, new ideas to increase student participation, and a problem they see as  well as a solution.

With all of these fundamental questions, you are also needed to receive two different teacher recommendations for good measure. Leadership students are the models for the school, so it is necessary to take extra precautions in order to make sure that the students chosen are appropriate, since they are setting the example for future 7th graders.

Sofia Marino, a student who applied this year said, “I really want to be in Leadership because I enjoy planning and organizing. Also I think me being an addition to the class would bring school spirit and fun activities to the campus. I really want to be in it because it sounds so fun to plan rallies and events for our school, but I’m kind of nervous to see whether I get in or not.”

Because the due date for applications passed, now students can only cross their fingers, and hope that they are chosen to be the 8th grade model students, in 2019-2020 Leadership.

Group interviews are being held May 6-10 during lunch in room 113, and the class roster is due to be announced early the following week. 

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