“The Silence” Movie Review

5.3/10 – PG-13 – Horror film **Spoilers**


“The Silence” (PG-13) is a new Horror film and is available on Netflix.

Olivia Duran-Medina, Reporter

*This review contains spoilers*

“The Silence” is a horror movie about Ally, who is deaf, and her family surviving an apocalyptic type world. They find out that a cave that was sealed for years has been reopened and millions of demon-like bats, called vesps, have been released among the country. They are blind and rely on hearing their prey, hence the movie title, since Ally and her family are experienced enough they rely on communicating using sign language.

Along the way they encounter many horrific scenes, such as people being eaten alive by the vesps and a cult that has their eye on Ally. As well as their family members sacrificing themselves for their loved ones. Their challenges and hard decisions pay off in the end as they reach a place called “The refuge” where she reunites with her boyfriend, Rob.

This film is very scary and one of those movies you wouldn’t expect much of considering it is produced by Netflix. Netflix normally makes great romance movies and isn’t very well known for producing horror films. For this movie being one of its firsts it makes me very excited for the horror movies to come. With all the special effects used it seems very realistic and it adds to the grotesque film. In all i think it has a strong plot with few holes and stays true to the genre it has been placed in.