The Soccer Boys Take Second Place in Championships!

Sarai Castañeda, Reporter, Co-Editor-in-Chief

“And he scores!” First place in the league, the boys won all their seven games.  

It was Coach Mueller’s first year coaching for Bernal’s soccer team, and he guided the boys to success, providing them with strategies on how to defeat the other teams. Their long and demanding practices on Monday through Thursday payed off when they won the first playoff game at Sheppard against Ocala.

The second playoff game that they won against Herman led them to the final round, the championships. The soccer team had never made it to the championships in Bernal history.

The boys battled long and hard against Boeger’s team. Bernal lost by 2 goals. As the Boeger boys scored on their first goal, you could hear the voice of Coach Mueller from the sidelines, encouraging them, saying things like, “The game is not over.”

Even though the boys soccer team took second place in the championships, they broke the record of being undefeated in their season.