Advice: Procrastination and Tik Tok obsession help


Date 9 July 2020
Author Solen Feyissa (Solen Feyissa)

Dear Miss Smarty Pants,

I’m addicted to tiktok and my screen time for the app is almost 56 hours a week. I usually go on tiktok when I procrastinate.


Addicted to tiktok





Dear Addicted to Tik Tok,

I understand that you have been watching Tik Tok for like 56 hours a week, and I can help. Here is a way that you can reduce your screen time. There are apps that can help you set time limits on your phone. Such as my circle which you and or your guardian can download. Also some other tips are you can go to settings and then go to your screen time and set a time where you can’t access the app(These tips so far are for an iPhone or apple device). Tips for android devices you can go to setting and then go to apps and notifications and then you can set your screen time. Some other just in general tips for reducing screen time and procrastination are going to and viewing our advice column articles, another thing is to get another hobby so then you don’t immediately go straight to Tik Tok.


Miss Smarty Pants